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Cancer and my grandchildren

I hope that one day, I can tell my grandkids about what I went through for treatment for lymphoma, and they can look at me wide-eyed, staring in disbelief at how archaic the treatments were.

In the mean time, for the too many people I know (and countless more I don’t know) who are fighting this disease: be strong when you can, cry when you need to, ask for help (there are so many people who want to help—you are not a burden), tell people what you need (everyone’s experience is different), and good luck.

And for the people who haven’t had a turn yet: we know a lot of the things that are risk factors. Use the research! Change a habit or two or five and reduce your risk!


My name is Heat! (It's short for Heather.) My last name is Polish and has a few Zs in it and it's really just easier this way.

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