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Podcast quote: entitlement and deprivation

Every now and then, I read or hear something that takes a concept I am familiar with and puts it in a new light, adds a new twist, creates more depth.

There was one from Where Should We Begin just a week ago, and today, there’s another.

It becomes a conversation about entitlement and deprivation. Deserving is the entitlement of the deprived. Deprived people don’t just say I want something, it’s OK; they need to deserve it in order to muster the energy to allow themselves to do it. So it becomes a kind of a dialogue with the deprivation. How much have I given of myself to now feel like it’s OK for me to give this to myself? It’s a complete economic system.

I listened to this several times. I’ve thought about it a lot, with more to come, I’m sure.

Deserving is the entitlement of the deprived.

Every context I could think of, whether it be directly in my life or in lives of people around me, this rang true.

I have never linked “deserve,” “entitled,” and “deprived.”

I’m reasonably sure that if, like elementary school vocabulary words, I had to use all three in a sentence, that’s not the sentence I would have come up with.

And yet … here we are.

Can you think of any examples of this that don’t satisfy the statement? I haven’t.

This changes my mindset. It gives me new perspective on some struggles I have. It gives me new perspective on struggles my clients have. Or my students. Or my family.

Deserving is the entitlement of the deprived.



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