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Tweak the plan instead of yourself

If you’ve tried to make a change in habit and it’s not working, see if it can be tweaked to fit you (instead of trying to change yourself to fit it).

If you’ve decided to keep shoes put away and they’re still in a pile by the door, get a shoe rack or a basket and keep shoes by the door. They’re tidy and put away, just not in your bedroom.

If you put something (basket, shelf, hooks, etc.) by the front door for keys, wallet, etc., but all those things keep landing on the kitchen table anyway, move the something to the kitchen.

Keep forgetting reusable bags? Keep them in the car. (And after you empty them in the kitchen, hang them on the doorknob so you take them back to the car when you go.)

Staying up too late online? Put the modem on a timer so the wifi cuts out every evening.

Enough habits require you to change yourself to make them work. When you have the opportunity to be flexible about the way it all shakes down, take it.


My name is Heat! (It's short for Heather.) My last name is Polish and has a few Zs in it and it's really just easier this way.

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