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Podcast quote: internal conflict

When the weather is nice, I don’t listen to as many podcasts. Most of my listening is in the car, and when the weather is nice, the windows are down, and when the windows are down, I can’t hear podcasts (or music), so I just enjoy the air.

But the weather hasn’t been nice lately, so I’ve been getting caught up with some of my backlog of podcasts.

One I recently finished was another episode of Armchair Expert.

Adam Grant was the expert they interviewed. I wasn’t familiar with him (which is true of the majority of their guests), but the interview was very enjoyable to listen to. Because it was a great interview? Maybe. Because I love psychology? For sure.

There was a lot of takeaway from what Adam was talking about, and there’s a clip that I’m planning to play for my classes (that, thankfully, has no swearing, or I wouldn’t have the option), and I have another podcast on my playlist and two books on my wishlist.

Besides all of that, there was this one little sound bite that was interesting to me:

“Sometimes I have to be false to my personality to be true to my values.”

In other words, sometimes introverts need to speak up or extraverts need to button up in order to act in a way that is in line with their value system.

It got me to thinking.

I’m still thinking.

Does it give your brain something to chew on?

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My photography journey 8Dec19

The day after Thanksgiving, we woke up to snowfall. I haven’t been in snowfall in a really long time. And since we were in a hotel, had nothing to shovel, had food in walking distance and nowhere else to be, it was lovely.

View from our room, once the fog started to clear a little:

Sedona is always beautiful, but I’ve never seen it in snow. I really just couldn’t get enough of the view.

We went for a hike (on a nasty, muddy trail!) and came across a stream with several small waterfalls. It was delightful!

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Competition … and how I’m mostly over it

Tomorrow, The Kid is competing in his first taekwondo tournament. Because I’m taking classes as well, I was also invited to participate, but I’m not interested.

Competing doesn’t do much for me these days.

I like to play games, and I like to play hard (sometimes), but mostly, I’m not super-invested in winning.

I like to get better than myself.

It’s exciting when I occasionally accidentally win in pursuit of being better than myself. Like once when I came in second for my age group in a 5k when I was just trying to beat the clock.

Now, I concede that perhaps I don’t enjoy competition in physical things because I’ve not ever been especially good at them.

I have not learned nearly enough about taekwondo form to put mine in front of judges. (You can tell me that the playing field is level, but then you’re not hearing what I’m saying: I want to be better than I am before performing.)

Maybe it’s being raised a musician. Perfection is the goal in any performance, is what we strive for in practice, is essentially unattainable because every skill subset can be honed well beyond anything I’ve ever come close to reaching.

I’ve walked into auditions unprepared.

It feels like shit before, during, and after.

I don’t do that any more. And so, I’m not competing tomorrow.

The Kid? He doesn’t have that baggage. At least not yet.

I just hope for him to enjoy his experience, regardless how he performs.

(I don’t think the same would be true of a musical performance. I would want him to perform well—relative to his skill level—and enjoy it. But not just enjoy it.)


The more I think about this, the more I’m sure there are a million angles that I’m overlooking. But for now—doing my best with what I’ve got. Trying to hone skills in some areas. Enjoying being a hack in others. And not needing to beat anyone else in any of it.

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My photography journey 1Dec19

The Climbing Daddy and I were lucky enough to get out of town for a couple of nights this weekend. We went up to Sedona, a town about two hours north of here. Sedona’s claim to fame is gorgeous red rock.

A storm was passing through, and we didn’t expect to be able to do any hiking. We were pleasantly surprised to get out for a bit before the rain hit.

We balanced hiking with photography by taking one hike without the Nikon and another one with. It’s important to have expectations set ahead of time—is this an exercise hike or a photography hike?

The skies are different in these photos, but they’re all taken in the same hour or so.

These two were taken back to back, looking to capture the water in the foreground and the amazing scenery behind. We can’t decide which we like more. Do you have an opinion?

The next day, we got snow. Those pics to come next week!

But before I go, here are a few from the first hike, taken with my phone.

While we were out, it started to rain. We ran back in (wasn’t expecting to do a trail run that day!) and waited it out under a ramada at the trail head. The rain stopped, and a rainbow appeared. (Also: I was extra-glad not to have the Nikon on the trail!)