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My photography journey 15Dec19

The only photos I have taken since our trip to Sedona have been of The Kid, both at taekwondo-related events.

First, he had a tournament, then he had his first sparring class in gear.

Since I wasn’t participating in either (I feel no need to compete nor to get kicked!), I took the opportunities to get some photos but also to try to work some of the settings on the camera.

He’s in motion, so I need faster-than typical shutter speed.

But we’re also indoors, so light is an issue with the faster shutter speed.

Some of the photos came out OK. The ones I like the best are busy in the background, especially at the tournament where there were a lot of people. Someday, I’ll learn how to use a photo editor and I’ll take the background out, and then I’ll be artistically happy with those photos. (I’m happy to have photos of my boy participating in a tournament, regardless of their weight on my artistic scale.)

But I’m not going to share any of them with you today. Just — that’s where I am on my journey right now.


My name is Heat! (It's short for Heather.) My last name is Polish and has a few Zs in it and it's really just easier this way.

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