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My photography journey 5Jan20

The Kid was invited to a birthday party at a park yesterday. I took the Nikon and wandered off for a little while to snap some photos.

Not the best framing for this next one—it was the best I could do with what I had—but I had to capture the colors.

After dinner, The Climbing Daddy and I went back to the tumbleweed tree. I had some new things I wanted to try.

So: first time using all manual settings, first time using my new tripod, first time using very slow shutter speed (one second seemed to work best). And, using a tip I got in the photography course I’m taking, took all of them with a two-second timer to avoid blur from pushing the button.

(I created this post on my phone and the pics look small to me. Do they look small to you? I can go back and redo on a different device…)

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Be diligent or be a victim

I’m tired of needing to “be vigilant or be a victim” (who will subsequently be blamed for not knowing better).

What triggered this?

The advice that’s going around to sign documents using a four-digit date instead of a two-digit date, so that two additional digits can’t be added to backdate or postdate the document.

I understand the advice. I’m not putting down the advice.

But I’m tired of it all.

How I dress, what time of day I go out alone, whether or not everything I own is locked up, where I leave my purse or backpack or phone — these all need to be on the radar all the time, because if I get attacked or someone breaks into my car or someone steals my wallet out of my purse and I haven’t taken all of the recommended precautions: What did you expect?

I expect that people can be decent and not attack each other or steal each other’s shit.

(There are so many social, political, and economic layers to all that, and I’m not unpacking it right now. But on a tangent, I heard someone years ago blame people in a low-income neighborhood for letting drug dealers and gang members live and work there. As if it’s somehow residents’ fault? I can’t think of a single thing I’ve done in any neighborhood I’ve lived in that has prevented unsavory people from also living there.)

I’m tired of blaming the victim for everything. We have enough research to know how to fix a lot of the underlying problems, but we’re too selfish (collectively) to do it. Can we make everything utopian and hearts and rainbows and butterflies and unicorns? No, of course not. But it can be substantially better.

There are places I go regularly where I can leave my phone in a bag on the floor and not worry about it. And it’s lovely. Everyone manages to just go to The Place to do The Thing and on we go.

Can we have more of that, please?