A daily nudge

Many times, to create sustainable change we need a gentle nudge … every day.

Morning Movement Motivation

Every morning in May in your inbox, a short email with a little reminder, a motivational quote, a funny meme, a quick video. Something to give you a little boost to muster the energy to do your exercise that day, whatever that looks like for you.

Maybe you want to take a daily walk. Maybe you’re a runner having trouble getting back into the habit. Maybe you know you need to strength train and just aren’t getting it done. Or yoga. Or swimming. Or biking. Or a variety of many things.

This service is not to provide exercises for you but to provide reminders and rewards.

We do better when we have rewards. Perhaps eventually we’ll just be in a routine, but to start with, rewards help us get our stuff done.

Every email you receive, you can reply to brag about what you accomplished. Brag small. “I went for a walk today!” “I didn’t feel like doing anything but I got 15 minutes of yoga done.” “I didn’t have time to do anything by myself, so I ran around at the park with my kid.” I’ll reply to every single one.

I have a series of small badges for you to collect as we go. When? How often? That’s a surprise.

This service will be available in beta in May. As the month goes on, I’ll have a short survey for you on what’s awesome and what’s not.

Click here to get yourself a little bit of motivation in May.

Want to start in June?

“Heat, that’s a great idea, but I want to start on the first!”

Registration for June is now open! Same great service, starting June 1.

Click here to join us in June.

Love it and want to subscribe?

You can subscribe to A Daily Nudge and get an email in your inbox every day, starting June 1, for the rest of 2021. A commitment like that comes with a discount. Help with creating a new habit for less money? Win-win! Click here to register for the rest of 2021, beginning June 1.

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