100 Days of Art

Do you need more art in your life?

For 100 days—November 21 through February 28—I am creating and sharing a piece of art each day. A photograph, a Photoshopped version of a photograph I previously took, a snapshot of a painting or sketch—some piece of visual art.

Each piece is shared via email, maybe with a sentence or two about it, maybe just the shot itself.

I expect that some of them will delight you and some you’ll only look at for a second or two and maybe one or two will connect with you in a way we can’t predict. Art is like that.

Why am I doing it? To add more good to the world. To share more of my work. To have a cohort to travel this 100-day journey with. You can change your life in 100 days. (That piece is below.)

All of it is current—created the day before I share it (have to stay a day ahead!)—and all of it is shared exclusively through 100 Days of Art. If you connect with me in other places (newsletter, blog, social media), you won’t see any of this work there.

Check it out. Pay what you like. Minimum is $5, recommended is $10, current average is $25. Bring a friend.

**We started November 21. You’re welcome to join us late, but the photos that have already been sent are gone.

Love the idea and want to take it a step further?

If you’re looking for more than just something lovely to cross your path on a daily basis, you could use the emails as reminders for you to do something for the same 100 days. Short enough to be viable. Long enough to be hard. Hard enough to be worth it.

Possible ideas:

  • create art (photos, drawings, doodles, paintings, music, dance, poetry, blog posts, etc., etc.)
  • drink an extra glass of water or eat an apple
  • take a walk or do 10 pushups or stretch for 10 minutes
  • write and send a card or a postcard to someone you know or remember fondly
  • connect with a friend on the phone for 15 minutes
  • sit and read a chapter in a book
  • clean out a drawer or a shelf

Better than a New Year’s resolution.

Hit reply to those daily messages and let me know what you’re doing, if you want.

But—no need to pressure yourself, either. You can just enjoy a bit of goodness in your inbox each day, no strings attached.

Click here to sign up.

*Registering for 100 Days of Art does not put you on my main mailing list. The only emails you receive are for this project.

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