11July21: roses

I didn’t take photos this week, but I have some photos from the Mesa Community College Rose Garden that I haven’t shared with you…until today! I don’t know my roses, and I didn’t take notes on which were what kind, so I have nothing useful for you in that way. A couple of close-ups of … Read more

One sentence, two stories, and how it changes your life

I have a document where I save my current writing: complete pieces, incomplete pieces, complete but not going to publish pieces, and a slew of ideas for pieces-to-be. When I settle in to write, if I don’t already have something in mind to write about, I will refer to the unfinished pieces or the list … Read more

Sirens and gratitude

Whenever I come into contact with sirens of police, fire, or ambulance, I have a moment of gratitude that whatever they are racing to does not involve me. We live close enough to a few main roads that sirens are not that uncommon. Eating dinner on the back porch and hear them in the distance. … Read more