Tea review: Daily Calm

Daily Calm hot

They call Daily Calm a “soothing, relaxing herbal tea.” And it is. Type of tea: Herbal Caffeinated? No How did I drink it? Hot and iced Daily Calm is an herbal blend, flavorful but not overpowering. I much prefer this hot over iced and in the afternoon rather than the morning. My desire to save … Read more

My photography journey 2May21

This week didn’t lend itself well to taking many photos, so photography was jammed in this weekend. Rocket Kid, the Nikon, and I took a short hike at South Mountain (the largest municipal park in the country). I had two main struggles with photos at South Mountain this time: 1- The plant life wasn’t amazing. … Read more

Reflections on COVID stab #2

Walking through ASU’s basketball stadium, following the floor dots and sandwich boards on my way to get my second COVID shot, I was a little overwhelmed. Part of it is our good fortune in medicine. I don’t think vaccines are 100% good, safe, effective, or administered on an appropriate schedule, but with a virus that’s … Read more

My photography journey 18Apr21

The mornings here lately have been cool and lovely. Anyone who has lived here for a year or more knows to appreciate these mornings, as they will quickly be a distant memory. I went out on the back patio and took the Nikon. The birds chatter endlessly out there—not complaining!—and I figured if I sat … Read more