Problem soup

The poem above, found here on Instagram, describes what many people are feeling. Coping skills aren’t the answer to the current problems—at least not in the way that they’re sold. Sure, mindfulness and meditation are useful (and on the aforementioned never-ending to-do list…) and they make a difference, but the problem is bigger than us. … Read more

It’s not age, it’s age plus something

I’ve been having problems with my ankles. “Well, you’re getting older.” It’s not inherently or exclusively an age problem, and I fiercely resist this mindset. Lots of people my age and older—including much older—don’t have problems with their ankles. If it was an age problem, most people my age and older would share this problem. … Read more

Questions, details, and protein

“You need to increase your protein and make sure you’re strength training.” -advice from a medical professional earlier this week in response to perimenopausal concerns. She didn’t ask me anything about my diet, and she knew that I’ve been running but no more. She also didn’t tell me how much I should aim for in … Read more

Insanity vs. practicing

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”  or “If you want different results, take different actions.” I understand the point of these. But also, when I’m learning to play a new song, I’m doing the same thing over and over with the intention of getting … Read more