What should kids be reading in their free time?

photo of a child reading a book on the couch, taken from directly overhead. Dog in a sweatshirt is sharing the couch

The short answer: pretty much anything. Parents can and should monitor content but not the delivery system. Your kid likes to read novels? Great! Graphic novels? Great! Magazines? Great! Encyclopedias? Great! Audiobooks? Great!  I don’t think it matters. It’s critically important for babies and young children to be read to. While I haven’t been good … Read more

Why? Why? And more why?

From my Facebook memories: Aaaaaand another assessment tool that requires written student work as “evidence.” *sigh* I was an elementary band teacher, and while some knowledge of how notation works can be assessed using traditional paper-pencil tests, “before and after” student work is what we hear. My job was to teach them to play, to … Read more

Joy in low-stakes creativity

photo of words in a notebook

Changing Hands Bookstore had a virtual writing event recently where we were guided through a variety of chance operations activities. These activities leave the writing process to chance. (They’re useful for any creative composing, not just writing. John Cage used some in composing music, for example.) Leaving things to chance requires the writer to put … Read more