What should kids be reading in their free time?

photo of a child reading a book on the couch, taken from directly overhead. Dog in a sweatshirt is sharing the couch

The short answer: pretty much anything. Parents can and should monitor content but not the delivery system. Your kid likes to read novels? Great! Graphic novels? Great! Magazines? Great! Encyclopedias? Great! Audiobooks? Great!  I don’t think it matters. It’s critically important for babies and young children to be read to. While I haven’t been good … Read more

I wrote a book!

I’ve been talking about writing a book for over a decade, and I finally did it! Initially, I was going to self-publish, but with feedback from an editor who has been in the business for a long time, I decided to submit it for publication. Said editor has the manuscript right now; I expect it … Read more

Magnetism in enthusiasm

There is something delightful about people who get jazzed about a topic, even if the topic is weird (by my standards) or not something I’m necessarily interested in. I have read most of Malcolm Gladwell’s books and have enjoyed them thoroughly. Some of the pieces within them are about topics that I wouldn’t necessarily choose … Read more

Book quote: suicide

Sometimes, a little tiny bit of something I read or listen to sticks with me. I’d like to share these bits with you. I haven’t decided if I’m going to ramble on about them or just leave them here for you to take or leave. Probably some of each, really. Anyway. Right now, I’m reading … Read more