Taking time off

Hello, dear readers! A combination of factors is leading me to take a bit of time off from blogging. I expect to be back by Labor Day if not sooner. If you’d like to still engage with my writing and photography in that time, I am continuing to connect with my email subscribers once per … Read more

19June22 photos: sunset

Rocket Kid and I took late evening hikes several days this week, and the sunsets and moonrises were beautiful backdrops. The first two have some light editing done to them. The rest are the way they came out of the camera. This image is available as a print or on several other items here. I … Read more

Kids aren’t good at technology

In the last two years and change, Rocket Kid did a fair amount of schooling online, including a full quarter in an online self-guided program. Fortunately, the work was rarely a problem—he typically understood and could complete assignments. How to navigate on the computer? That’s another matter. Much like his course work, I could show … Read more

What should kids be reading in their free time?

photo of a child reading a book on the couch, taken from directly overhead. Dog in a sweatshirt is sharing the couch

The short answer: pretty much anything. Parents can and should monitor content but not the delivery system. Your kid likes to read novels? Great! Graphic novels? Great! Magazines? Great! Encyclopedias? Great! Audiobooks? Great!  I don’t think it matters. It’s critically important for babies and young children to be read to. While I haven’t been good … Read more

12June22 photos: mostly macro

Nursing an injury, I wandered around the trailhead area where I usually run at South Mountain and took some macro shots. I had a few problems. First, it was breezy, so catching flowers and the like when they were still was challenging. Second, I was lazy and didn’t bring my tripod. Third, it was quite … Read more