My photography journey 6June21

I was walking around the neighborhood (again … always) and noticed these little flower/weeds in the sidewalk. I went back later with my camera. There’s so much to see, even in places where we go frequently. If you look around right now, what do you notice that you haven’t noticed before? And one other that … Read more

My photography journey 30May21

We went camping near Flagstaff this past week. In addition to the usual outdoorsy things, it was a great opportunity to take some photos. I didn’t take Sir Nikolas Cameron everywhere we went. Sometimes impractical for the activity, sometimes too much water. But the little Nikon I got for Mother’s Day for taking underwater photos … Read more

The treasure, as time passes

“The treasure is more fun when it’s lost.” That was the opening line from Gabe Anderson’s email. “Found treasure becomes normal treasure and eventually we forget that it’s treasure at all.” It was thought-provoking. His context was work (he’s a musician), but it applies to everything that we have on a sort of pedestal in … Read more