Questions, details, and protein

“You need to increase your protein and make sure you’re strength training.”

-advice from a medical professional earlier this week in response to perimenopausal concerns.

She didn’t ask me anything about my diet, and she knew that I’ve been running but no more. She also didn’t tell me how much I should aim for in either realm—just more than I’m doing now. Just keep increasing until I see the results I want?

While this could easily be a rant about women’s health in relation to the medical system, I’m not going to go there today.

My takeaway from this was: know the story before you offer advice. Ask questions. Get as much directly relevant information as possible. 

And also: be specific enough to be useful. And sparse enough to be heard.

And last: this all counts at least triple if you’re offering unsolicited advice. I don’t think unsolicited advice is as bad as its reputation. The reputation comes from its tendency to be judgmental, shallow, and more gratifying to the giver than the receiver.

So. Ask questions. Include enough detail. And increase your protein.

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