Beauty through the dark winter

One hundred days.

Barely more than a quarter of a year. Not that much time in the span of our lives or even in the span of now-ish.

But ask someone to commit to doing something every day for 100 days and they hesitate.

I took a course in the fall of 2020 that was founded on the idea of showing up and doing your thing every day for 100 days. Some days easy, some days hard, some days resulted in beautiful work, some days resulted in … less than beautiful work. 

Daily beauty wasn’t the point. Showing up was the point.

In that season, I changed. Heat-in-December was different than Heat-in-August.

Last winter when I was looking for some extrinsic motivation to take daily photographs, I knew a 100-day challenge was what I needed, and I created 100 Days of Art as a result.

For 100 days last winter, I shared a daily photo with my people. Some led to beautiful conversations. Some led to nothing. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

“Your emails cause warm and fuzzy feelings!”

“I freaking love waking up to a piece of your art in my inbox.”

This winter, I don’t need the extrinsic motivation again, but I am running 100 Days of Art again.

Would you like to join us this time?

The photos range from beautiful to interesting to wacky to inspiring to funny.

“A guaranteed positive email to start my day.”

Who doesn’t need a little something nice to start their day? And a little something that’s guilt-free! No calories! No waiting in line! 

And if that’s what you’re needing this winter—simply a little pick-me-up each morning—click here and join us.

I have three guarantees: 

  • the pieces are all created by me
  • the pieces are all otherwise unpublished
  • you will receive one every day from November 27, 2022 through March 6, 2023.

Join 100 Days of Art here.

Do you want more? There are three different ways to join with a more active role.

1- Create your own 100-day challenge

There’s no community or accountability or anything to this. Just pick your thing—make it a viable thing—and do it for the same 100 days. Let the emails be a gentle nudge to do your thing. Something artsy? Something healthy? Something interpersonal? Something around the house?

Sound like just what you’re looking for? Sign up here!

2- Contribute your own artwork

New this year, I’m creating a space for interested participants to submit one or two of their own pieces for the group. Those pieces won’t be in the daily emails but access to them will be sent in the emails.

Show me yours, I’ll show you mine

3- Use the photos as writing prompts

“I’m a writer!” or “I’m not really a writer but I love to write!” or “I’m not a writer but I want to be!”

Use the photos as prompts to write a paragraph or a short story or a poem or a menu or a syllabus or whatever crazy thing you’re inspired to write. Or link a few shots together as plot points.

Then join the 100 Days weekly Open Mic.

Experience others’ unique perspectives on the photographs while sharing your own. You don’t need to be A Writer to join us—you need to be curious and excited and just a little bit brave. (Everyone will be nervous, not just you.)

Open mics will be held for one hour every Thursday, alternating between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST, to accommodate a variety of schedules and time zones.

That sounds scary and amazing!

And of course, you can join us and simply enjoy each piece as it hits your inbox.

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