Thanksgiving wishes for you

I hope you spend your holiday with people who leave you better than they found you.

I hope you have food you can eat, food you like, and no one gives you shit about it, regardless what you’re eating. (See above.)

I hope you’re kind to retail workers always but especially now through the end of the year.

I hope if you go out to eat, you tip well, because maybe they’re just as happy to be working, or maybe they’re missing a tasty meal with people they’d rather be with.

I hope you know that all of the above applies all the time, but The Holidays makes everything more loaded, feel higher stakes, more obligatory.

I hope you have enough introspection to know what parts of you can use some polish and enough confidence not to let unpleasant people change that and enough peace to know you’re OK as you are and you have things to improve.

I hope you are not one of the people who leaves others worse than when you found them, but if you’re getting feedback that indicates you might be, see if you can put some of the self-defense aside for some introspection and understand that intentions don’t trump results.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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