Taking time off

Hello, dear readers! A combination of factors is leading me to take a bit of time off from blogging. I expect to be back by Labor Day if not sooner. If you’d like to still engage with my writing and photography in that time, I am continuing to connect with my email subscribers once per … Read more

Creating a culture of validation

Validation is a beautiful thing on any day, especially valuable on a rough day or in a rough season. Anyone not having a rough season? We often think about this in the context of an argument or disagreement where we would like our points validated, but it’s applicable to many circumstances. • You belong here. … Read more


I was challenged recently to see anger as a positive thing, a flow of energy, a necessary force.  This was … different. I have no or very few positive role models for or experiences with anger. The only options offered were exploding or being passive-aggressive. Anger is something bad, something to be avoided whenever possible, … Read more

Tolerance, validity, vulnerability

If everyone taught their kids at least to be tolerant of people who are different, it would help. Tolerance is better than intolerance, but would you want to spend your life tolerated? It’s a better-than-nothing space, not an end goal. If everyone taught their kids that their own emotions are valid and how to name … Read more

Trees as an analogy to people

photo of a tree with its top branches bare and bottom branches covered in leaves

Spring has sprung here in the Valley of the Sun, bringing flowers, leaves, bugs, weeds, snakes…  The trees growing new leaves highlights an issue we have with specific plants here—they have dead branches from the winter. Some trees that grow well here aren’t frost-tolerant, and after an especially cold winter, it’s common to see trees … Read more