Judging competence and the okayness of being bad

Because very little if anything in life is completely binary, I felt myself needing to qualify many of these thoughts as I wrote. Instead, I’m just going to say here at the beginning that yes, there are exceptions to these generalizations, and since they’re exceptions, their incidence is low. If you’re feeling like you’re the … Read more

A quiet hour

The sunsets here recently have been fantastic. Colors that impress without filters. Last night, I decided to go up to South Mountain, a local municipal park with tons of hiking, to see if I could get some photos. (Largest municipal park in the country!) Climbing Daddy and Rocket Kid went hiking for real on a … Read more

Some bridges are just burned

I recently read a short piece about moving through life and healing, changing, growing as you go, and just because you’ve changed doesn’t mean others owe it to you to be part of your life again. This stirred up a variety of thoughts and emotions, primarily: I’m deeply sad about this from one perspective and … Read more

Children and tricky subjects

My conversation with Debra on Ordinary Chaos, included some talk about child sex trafficking or the sex slave trade. Between that and some statistics she gave on domestic violence, I felt it appropriate to put a warning at the beginning of the episode and also to mark it explicit in my podcast hosting service. Many … Read more

Help from the ghosts of past and future self

Taking a tangent from Tuesday’s thoughts on self-care and self-awareness for improved creativity and brain flow. One way (and a variation) to help give yourself a bit of motivation to do something: Have a conversation with your future self. No shame in having it out loud…probably. What can you do today that your future self … Read more

Self awareness and care for creativity and energy

During his interview for Ordinary Chaos, Keith talked at one point about what he does if he’s feeling creatively stuck. (Sept 14 episode) He looks at the rest of his life. Has he been eating well? Sleeping? Not drinking too much alcohol? A feeling of stuck-ness in creativity is an indicator for him that something … Read more