A Golden Age of Exercise

Exercise has been a near-constant part of my daily life since my mid-20s. But only sometimes has it been amazing. (It’s always been good for my physical and mental health, whether I’m enjoying what I’m doing or not, whether I’m putting in as much time and energy as I’d like or not. But that doesn’t … Read more


I’m writing a book. This is a little piece of it, written about six months ago. I expect that I’ll share a few more bits of it, and also that some things I write for the blog will end up in the book. Editing is likely. I was recently struck by the abundance of hope … Read more


When I got married the first time, my mom gave me an earful for not registering for towels. “Towels make good gifts,” she said. But he and I were both adults, combining independent households (we both owned our own places at that point), and we had more than enough towels. And we had received good-quality … Read more

Interests, topics, and what’s to come

My brain is swirling with where to start. A little bit of paralysis by indecision. I decided to just lay out an overview, so there’s less First Real Post pressure. I love health and fitness and expect to write about topics in this category often. Exercise, food, sleep, stress, support networks, balance, financial security, mental … Read more


  I’m back! I’m writing! I’m happy! I love writing, and I haven’t been making time for it nearly enough. It’s part of my schedule now. I’ll be writing here regularly-ish. I’m working on a book. And life is good!