Interests, topics, and what’s to come

My brain is swirling with where to start. A little bit of paralysis by indecision. I decided to just lay out an overview, so there’s less First Real Post pressure.

I love health and fitness and expect to write about topics in this category often. Exercise, food, sleep, stress, support networks, balance, financial security, mental health, and on and on.

I’m planning to share some recipes that I make around here. They’re nearly always someone else’s recipe (credit always given!), but they’re tasty, and blogs are a great place to find new recipes.

I’m a teacher by trade and have thoughts to share about education in general, about things I see and do while at work, about the art of teaching, and, because it’s a big deal locally with the upcoming election, some of the politics involved.

As a general rule, I don’t want to write a lot of expressly political things … but nearly everything IS political in some way. So don’t expect much—if any—in the way of direct thoughts about specific people, controversies, etc., but there is politics in food, in health/wellness, in education, in pretty much anything that is at all worth talking about.

I’m a mom and a wife, and I have thoughts to share about pairing, parenting, and culture.

Speaking of culture… ours has some pretty great things about it and some pretty not great things about it.

I listen to podcasts and have often wished I had a person or a group who was listening to the same stuff so we could have a conversation about it. Now I can at least ramble, even if it’s only one-way.

I love psychology and brain plasticity, and you’ll probably see that woven into most of what I write.

And whatever observations or thoughts I have about whatever crosses my path. I’m struck by how people interact, how traffic moves, how language is used, what assumptions are made, and on and on.

Oh! And some reincarnations of posts from other blogs I’ve written. (All the same topics as listed above, but that’s not terribly narrow…)

I’m sure there are other things I forgot. I’ll write about them, too.

Always, I’m interested in conversation. But I learned on a previous blog that leaving comments open forever leads to so many spam comments. So I’ll leave comments open for a while on each post, and we can chat that way. If you’re reading this somewhere way down the line and there’s a post that comments are closed but you want to chime in, contact me, I can open it back up again so you can throw in your two cents, and then close again when we’re done.

I don’t necessarily fit in a niche—as an individual or as a writer—but I know a lot of people enjoy my writing. Hopefully, you’re one!

One more thing: choosing photos to accompany posts is not a strength, so sometimes, the picture will be kind of random, or somehow weirdly tangentially related.

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