Cancer: my 15-year rant

photo of me with a shaved head and a PICC in my arm together with my dog and a dog toy

It’s been 15 years. Fifteen years ago yesterday, unable to breathe deeply or while laying down, I was admitted to my local hospital with what would eventually be diagnosed as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  It was a long road—two weeks until treatment started (though plenty of unpleasantries in those two weeks). Six months of chemo (extended by … Read more

Changes in how life changes

photo of a cloth-covered journal

I’m an extremely sentimental person, especially about people. Someone recently asked, “Do you collect people?” Why yes, yes I do. If you and I have had any remotely significant relationship at any point in my life for any length of time, you are a piece of me. For better or for worse. Regardless the state … Read more

Christmas in February

photo with two palm tree trunks in the foreground with Christmas lights on them and two pumpkins in the background on the porch

I don’t know if it’s because people are busy (they are) or because people are exhausted (they are) or because there’s something going on that I don’t know about (happens often), but there’s a lot of Christmas still happening.  My neighbors have pumpkins on the porch and Christmas lights on the trees and the eaves … Read more

2021 Year in Review

photo of a watercolor sketch of the word cultivate

For my final blog post of 2021—the year in review. It was a wild year, deeply creative, with a lot of output. This time last year, I’d just finished writing a book (first round writing, not editing and such), quit my job due to COVID concerns, and was going to see what I could do … Read more

Change, one drip at a time

My standard advocacy for change is small, sustainable pieces. My eating habits changed that way. My exercise habits changed that way. My financial habits changed that way. (I do think there are situations where this isn’t the best, but it applies more broadly than cold turkey, in my opinion and experience.) Bits that are so … Read more

A quiet hour

The sunsets here recently have been fantastic. Colors that impress without filters. Last night, I decided to go up to South Mountain, a local municipal park with tons of hiking, to see if I could get some photos. (Largest municipal park in the country!) Climbing Daddy and Rocket Kid went hiking for real on a … Read more

Help from the ghosts of past and future self

Taking a tangent from Tuesday’s thoughts on self-care and self-awareness for improved creativity and brain flow. One way (and a variation) to help give yourself a bit of motivation to do something: Have a conversation with your future self. No shame in having it out loud…probably. What can you do today that your future self … Read more