Reflections on COVID stab #2

Walking through ASU’s basketball stadium, following the floor dots and sandwich boards on my way to get my second COVID shot, I was a little overwhelmed. Part of it is our good fortune in medicine. I don’t think vaccines are 100% good, safe, effective, or administered on an appropriate schedule, but with a virus that’s … Read more

Engaging with content

Too long, didn’t read. I can’t listen to hour-long podcasts. I don’t click on videos that are more than three minutes long. As a creator, I feel pressure to create content that is meaningful, that will connect with my audience, that has substance and value, and is short. If it’s too long, no one will … Read more

Notes, drafts, and passing time

I have a lot of drafts of blog posts. What’s interesting at this moment is how many of those drafts are currently not relevant. Drafts of things from January or February 2020, before the pandemic came to this part of the world in force. Notes and thoughts and paragraphs about pieces of life that don’t … Read more

Fading accomplishments and staying happy

During college, I ended up changing my primary instrument from flute to trombone, taking two extra years to complete my degree because I needed to be proficient enough on the trombone to pass a jury or a recital. With all of the metaphorical sweat equity that went into becoming competent, there was no way I … Read more

Is awkward defined by the subject or the observer?

As an introverted child, I did a lot of people-watching. I noticed people who were boorish and didn’t notice others’ fake smiles and “oh look at the time!” exits. I saw people who droned on about disinteresting things and didn’t notice others’ eyes glazing over. I was so scared about being one of those people, … Read more