Help from the ghosts of past and future self

Taking a tangent from Tuesday’s thoughts on self-care and self-awareness for improved creativity and brain flow.

One way (and a variation) to help give yourself a bit of motivation to do something:

Have a conversation with your future self. No shame in having it out loud…probably. What can you do today that your future self will thank you for?  

Look at past selves. What small habits do you wish they had implemented? What is one thing that former you could have started doing regularly that would make today better? Start doing that. Unless you have something else that would be better now?

Likewise, look at the things you did do and thank the former self! So many gifts!

And also, kindness for that self, for the things not done (or done badly). Do the best you can, and when you know better, do better.

Knowing better includes knowing better how to overcome the hurdles. “I’ve always known I should drink more water! I don’t know better now!” is just brutality to yourself. Have you figured out how to do it? Then now you know better. Be kind.

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