Does the back up make you lazy?

Most of the time, I write blog posts within a week of publishing them (though rarely the same day).

Most of the time, I prepare food the day we’re going to eat it.

Most of the time, I do laundry when I’m almost out of the type of clothes that I’m washing. Or I’m out of space in the hamper.

I sat down to write today’s blog post. I was sleepy and my brain wasn’t doing its best work and I didn’t really want to write something that was going to be public.

“If I had a backlog of blog posts, I could take one of those and publish it and be able to take a nap instead.”

It’s a lot harder to sit down and write when I don’t have to and don’t want to. So while having some extras ready to go would have been handy on this day when a nap was probably legitimately a better use of time, on other days when I just have some resistance, I’d probably hit the easy button and take a piece from the bank as well.

Likewise, the only backup meals that stay in the freezer for any length of time are the ones that aren’t our favorites to start with.

And having acquired a few more pairs of running socks means that washing exercise clothes can be pushed out an equal number of days.

On one hand, it feels good when I’m organized enough to be ahead of things. On the other hand, the Future Heat that I’m really prepping for is too often not the Future Heat who uses it. Except for laundry. None of the Heats want to do laundry.

Where do you land? Are you organized enough to have extras for later for just in case? Or are you living paycheck to paycheck with regards to tasks? And if you have extras banked, how do you decide when to use them?

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