17Apr22 photos: Picacho Peak

We went camping! Just for a night, at Picacho Peak, a lovely little state park in between Phoenix and Tucson.

Due to time and weather and children, we didn’t actually hike up to Picacho Peak. But we did some other hiking, and between the phone and the Nikon, I got some good shots.

An unedited phone series from sunset:

And one from the Nikon, edited for color-correctness.

Cactus skeletons whenever I can find new and interesting models. I like how the one in the center is looking out over the valley of his descendants. And the last is side by side a living one just as tall.

The ocotillo had flowers just on their tips, though they didn’t have many, if any, leaves.

I love the mountains in the distance.

Peaks and plants

A barrel cactus on the far side of a palo verde tree. Was kinda fun. Yes, palo verdes have green bark, an energy-saving measure for a desert tree, so it doesn’t need to grow leaves—a water-intense process—to photosynthesize.

And the rest

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