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My photography journey 17Nov19

Gardening in Arizona—or at least in the low desert part of Arizona—is weird. Still.

These photos are from our back yard garden.

This has been in since the spring. A few eggplant came to be ripe while we were out of town over the summer, and since then, we’ve had nothing. My general policy is to water it as long as it’s alive. This little guy has a dozen friends on the same plant!

Every year, our watermelon grows well into November. Thanksgiving watermelon?? Last year, we picked the last in December, but it hadn’t had enough warmth and was not at all delicious.

The chard is great! Like other leafy greens, we cut off the leaves and it regrows. This is ready to be eaten and is the fifth harvest we’ve taken from it.

I took two shots of this plant (not a food plant) and can’t decide which one I like better.

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My photography journey 10Nov19

The sunset was pretty, but there aren’t any good vantage points very close by. And by the time I found a decent place to stand, most of the pink was gone.

So I walked down the street to see what I could capture.

Yesterday morning, we were trying to stage food to enter a “starts with R” challenge.

That first one of rice is what I entered. It did well.

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My photography journey 3Nov2019

Photos this week are from The Kid’s school (took the camera with for pick-up one day) and from after Halloween.

The lead photo is a stump that, prior to getting into this journey, I never would have noticed. But it makes a neat photo.


Trash can. Not the best photo, but I thought the pattern was kind of neat.


Most candy here after Halloween is trash. The Kid chooses a couple of pieces and trades in the rest for a new toy (usually LEGO; sometimes plush). I decided to use some to build and take pictures because … why not?

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My photography journey 20Oct19

Last week, I showed you photos I took at Joshua Tree on a long weekend trip. Today, a few others that I took while we were at Knotts Berry Farm.

I didn’t take the camera in the park. We were riding roller coasters all day and I didn’t want to leave it in the cubbies. Or have to keep it with me on rides that didn’t have cubbies.

We stayed at a hotel near the park and walked in and out both days. These shots are from the road we walked down, the park’s parking lot that we crossed (which has some oddly interesting trees), and from the little Main Street-ish road leading in.

Yes, the rooster is real.