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My photography journey 23Feb20

A friend has an enormous cactus in her front yard. She mentioned all the birds in and around it, and I said I’d noticed, that several times when I’d been to her house, I’d been sad not to have brought my camera. And then we went over again, and I brought my camera!

Unfortunately, it was quite overcast and near sunset, so the lighting wasn’t the best. The biggest problem with the dull light was that the birds didn’t sit still for long. So fast shutter speed to catch the birds clearly, but slower shutter speed to let in enough light. Not many good photos.

I’m going to a portrait photography class later today. Hoping to learn some good stuff! Maybe I’ll have some of those to share next week.

First, prickly pear cactus with a giant saguaro backdrop. Opposite focus as the lead photo.


This isn’t the best shot, but those pieces are all the same cactus!


The birds were more willing to sit still in a tree in the neighbor’s yard.


One of a bird in the saguaro. Better luck next time!


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My photography journey 16Feb20

We went for a hike on a trail we don’t do often. We established ahead of time that it was for hiking and for photos. (Need to clarify that!) We had a goal and not a lot of daylight, so the way out was all hike (except when we stopped for the inevitable snack). Fun trail, perfect weather, a few nice pics.

This one looks to me like the plant is saying, “What are you talking about?!”

Me and dead plants…

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My photography journey 9Feb20

A few shots of The Kid using a beautiful sky as a backdrop. I would have liked to have more of his body in the photos, but houses were in the way, and we didn’t have a tall enough thing for him to stand on. (As it was, he was on a step stool and I was laying on the ground.)



Other photos I’ve taken this week as homework for the photography course I’m in didn’t turn out great. I mean, they’re fine but not terribly interesting to look at.

When I learn editing software, I’ll be able to make photos like the above with better sky color.

I have a few portrait shots that I’m going to experiment with. Will share if they turn out OK.

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My photography journey 26January20

I love the potted plants at Trader Joe’s! Why more than many other places? I don’t know. Maybe it’s simply because I go there nearly weekly and the plants are right there as I walk in. If you handed me a 20 every time I went and told me to spend it on plants, I could happily do it.

(If I ever got good at keeping them alive, I would start to not enjoy having another $20 to buy plants, but I’m not there yet. When I’m struggling keeping myself afloat, the plants are the first thing to go.)

Regardless, they often have mini roses. Whenever they’re in bloom. I bought a few last spring maybe? Or the year before? Or maybe it wasn’t spring? Time is funny. Anyway, I had some and they lived for a little while but not as long as roses should live.

I have five new rose plants now! I’m not positive they’re in a space that gets enough sun (roses like lots of sun, even here in Phoenix), but I’m giving it another go. Last weekend, I went to a rose pruning event and learned some about care, so hopefully that will help.

Anyway, when you buy them, they have blooms on them already, so after they were planted, I took out the Nikon. Enjoy!

In the same area, I also have a couple of aloe (not from Trader Joe’s) and two other plants that I impulse bought when I went to Home Depot for soil. I don’t even remember what they are, but they’re pretty.