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My photography journey 7Mar21

It’s the most beautiful time of year here—so many things blooming! And while I do love photographing the dead or hibernating plants in the summer, the wildflowers in the spring are wonderful.

There were a few shots in this batch that I was disappointed in the result (I’m not posting them), and I had my extension tubes (for macro) on the camera when the hummingbirds were playing. Other than that, I was happy with this shoot.

I would like this one much better without that bottom flower, or if it was in focus with the others. But these little flowers are so pretty.

From farther away, glowing in the rising sun:


I love the color in the trees, too.

Save the best for last. This is my favorite shot from the morning:

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My photography journey 28Feb21

Finally! I pulled the Nikon back out! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve actually taken pictures with something besides my phone, though I do get some good shots when it’s all I have and there’s a shot to be had. Like these:

It’s not the camera that takes the pictures, it’s the photographer (for better or for worse), but there are some things the phone’s camera can’t do.

Those are The Climbing Daddy’s bonsai (my favorite of the shots was not in crisp focus, sadly), a desert rose that hasn’t bloomed again but we haven’t killed it either, a spiderwort that The Climbing Daddy propagated from a clipping, and a succulent that is really cool-looking but I don’t know the name of it.

My struggle with focus is sometimes light-related. When it’s sunny, as it was when I took these shots, it’s hard to see them on the screen on my camera—same as trying to look at any backlit screen. I have tools in the camera to know if they’re bright enough (usually), but the focus is a bit of a crap shoot.

Also, we have all these cool plants and more and no great ideas for what to do with the yard. The Bermuda grass takes over wherever there’s water, growing around and then up into pots, and it’s maddening.

Anyway, while I was out there, the pooches were out there. They’re nearly always where we are, when they can be. And, of course, they followed me in.

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My photography journey 21Feb21

This week, I’ve taken photos that I previously shot and messed with them in Photoshop.

Some were of people who wish not to be shared (which I respect), but I was pretty excited that I was able to cut out the background and move a person with a good-looking end result.

I got an Apple pencil for Christmas, and doing the fine detail work on taking out the background is the perfect combination of “requires focus” and “doesn’t require brainpower.” It was a great break from writing.

I enjoy messing with the color filters and then routinely can’t decide which result I like best. (Either that, or I don’t like any of them.) So I take them and collage them in different ways. I don’t think collage is a verb. Or it wasn’t, until just now.

Here’s a bit of what I came up with in those meanderings.

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My photography journey 31Jan21

We have had some really amazing sunsets.

I went to cook dinner one night, saw this out the window, and put dinner on hold. I don’t have a great view from the yard, but it was good enough. Aside from cropping, the lead photo is the only one that’s edited.

I had planned to dabble in a little Photoshop this weekend. I have a few tutorials bookmarked and thought I’d try at least one.

It didn’t work out.

The tutorials are fine—probably. All the Photoshopping I’ve done so far has been messing around, guess and check, which is fine, but it means that I don’t know what anything is.

The tutorials assume that the user knows basic Photoshop vocabulary, and while I know a few things, I don’t know enough.

So I need to back up and learn basic-er basics before moving forward, which is both reasonable and annoying.

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My photography journey 24Jan21

Walking the dogs means daily loops in the same places. One morning while walking along the canal, I noticed some black and white ducks. I went back later that afternoon to see if I could get some photos of them.

I did, but none of those shots came out very well, so no black and white ducks for you for now.

Many other birds, though.

This shot I call Press Your Luck

And what is a walk around the neighborhood without a shot of a cactus?

This is the same cactus as in the lead photo. While I like this shot—especially because the sky so rarely has clouds like this in it—the cactus overall doesn’t look like it’s in good shape, which makes me sad. Saguaros grow extremely slowly, so this guy is old.

I’ve never seen anything locked to this post. Not totally sure what it’s there for. There is a gate that I’ve never seen open. Maybe it would hold the gate open.

I don’t care much for the pole in this one, but I otherwise like this shot. And yes, I could mess with it in Photoshop and see if I could take it out and let the photo still look good…but for now, I’ll just leave the pole.

I can’t decide if I prefer color or black and white on this next one.

The top of that post looks good on its own

And finally, with some rain we’ve gotten recently, all sorts of things are starting to bloom. I didn’t have equipment for macro (need to take another walk!) and all but one of my flower photos were meh.