19June22 photos: sunset

Rocket Kid and I took late evening hikes several days this week, and the sunsets and moonrises were beautiful backdrops. The first two have some light editing done to them. The rest are the way they came out of the camera. This image is available as a print or on several other items here. I … Read more

12June22 photos: mostly macro

Nursing an injury, I wandered around the trailhead area where I usually run at South Mountain and took some macro shots. I had a few problems. First, it was breezy, so catching flowers and the like when they were still was challenging. Second, I was lazy and didn’t bring my tripod. Third, it was quite … Read more

17Apr22 photos: Picacho Peak

We went camping! Just for a night, at Picacho Peak, a lovely little state park in between Phoenix and Tucson. Due to time and weather and children, we didn’t actually hike up to Picacho Peak. But we did some other hiking, and between the phone and the Nikon, I got some good shots. An unedited … Read more