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My photography journey 5Apr20

It turns out, most of the photos I took this week are head shots of The Kid, which I don’t want to share here.

But I do have this one:


The Climbing Daddy is a shopper. He has stuff stashed in a closet that he’s bought, and it’s been a good time to slowly roll out the stuff.

A “build and grow” pull-back car was one. He happened to have some spray paint in the garage, so he and The Kid took a little time to paint it, then assemble it and put on the included stickers.

Something different to do.

I got a flash for Christmas that I haven’t learned how to use yet. Maybe I’ll see if I can work that up this week…

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My photography journey 29Mar20

Taking photos is a good way to spend some time in normal times, and it’s been good in these weird times as well.

I’m pleased to say that I’m fully in manual mode now and am getting many shots that look good. (And the ones that aren’t good are less often setting and more often just vision. “Just.”)


The Kid and The Climbing Daddy are making a table.



I’ve taken several walks around the neighborhood. Spring! Flowers!



I don’t ever want to have a bougainvillea —they’re heinous to maintain—but I appreciate that other people have them because they’re so pretty!



And what’s a set of photos without a dead plant? I thought this was very cool to look at, though.



And also



Part of a palm tree:



I liked the strings:



I always love seeing these bud new leaves:



I don’t remember ever seeing one of these like this!



And someone’s RV gate, clearly not often used:



A tree with a prosthetic trunk?



In the yard:



In someone else’s yard:



The Kid, his LEGO, and the back yard:


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My photography journey 22Mar20

Well … I’ve done a lot of academic learning this week, with just a little photo-taking. But I’ve graduated to all photos being taken on manual mode, which is exciting and yields only marginally more failure than other not-fully-manual-but-not-point-and-shoot-either settings. Getting there!

Here’s what I have to share with you, all from the yard or the garage.

The lead photo is a ladybug who is probably not happy that we’re ripping out her habitat. (The yard has so many really tall weeds. There are many other plants the ladybugs are welcome to hang out on.)

One of the cool things about having fruit trees is seeing the progression of the fruit growing. All of these little flowers will be either oranges or key limes, depending on which tree, of course. I took a few shots of baby fruits, but they didn’t turn out well.


A chili pepper … and a little critter.


I love cacti. Eventually, we’ll have more on site. For now, a few will do.


And finally, The Climbing Daddy is building a table for the back patio! It’s a good project for “we can’t go anywhere anyway.”



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My photography journey 15Mar20

Joshua Tree! It’s such an amazing park! We’ve been so many times in recent years and I don’t get tired of it.

We were there for just a couple of days. The last day, there was mist and fog and light rain (and not-so-light-rain) and I didn’t get photos of that (I don’t have rain gear for my camera), but the rest of the time, it was lovely.

This is the back side of rocks that were right behind our campsite. The kids climbed up there quite a bit. (There is a route around on the right that doesn’t require use of the “ladder.”)



This log was actually longer and windier, but this was the best shot I could get. Still pretty neat.



I love plants growing out of rocks. (Except weeds growing out of my driveway. I don’t love those.)



A neat-looking branch. Looks a bit like a bird.



Actual bird! (This is the view to the front of our campsite. The views were non-stop.)



The moon was so pretty the one night we could see it. (Clouds and rain other nights.)



This baseball was under a bush in our campsite when we arrived.



Spring! Not as many flowers as I expected, but the ones that had come out were lovely.



We had quite a few bold, hungry critters in camp with us…


Good times! Fun place to take photos. Fun place to hike and scramble and climb and camp. Two thumbs up.

And the head image? A rattlesnake we passed in our travels. Pretty docile. Just waking up from winter. But we definitely didn’t test the limits of its sluggishness…

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My photography journey 1Mar20

Last weekend, I took a portrait photography class at a local park. We were asked to bring a model, and a friend volunteered. We had a fun time (lots of silly faces), I learned a few things, and I got lots of practice with some feedback. Inching closer to comfortable in manual mode…

The lead photo needs to be on a poster in my classrooms. And maybe on the walls at home, too. Because I make that face a lot…

I also took a few in the yard. They didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, but that’s part of the journey,..