22May2022 photos: squirrels and the moon

Climbing Daddy and I spent the weekend in Austin. Our trip had more of a squirrel theme than I was anticipating.

It was warm and humid, and even the squirrels were trying to cool off. This guy would lay for a while, get up, move to a new spot and flop down.

Also, they were content just to hang out in this tree, though I ended up too close for the one in the back.

In our travels, we passed a giant squirrel statue that we had to stop for. The business it’s associated with sold a lot of squirrel-related stuff, as well as pecans and pecan-adjacent treats. It was an odd combination, but it seemed to be working for them.

And some random moon shots from last week…

I was out running earlier than usual one morning, and the moon was setting over the rocks.

And the night of the eclipse, I caught a shot early in the moonrise.

More photos from Texas next week!

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