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My photography journey 5Jan20

The Kid was invited to a birthday party at a park yesterday. I took the Nikon and wandered off for a little while to snap some photos.

Not the best framing for this next one—it was the best I could do with what I had—but I had to capture the colors.

After dinner, The Climbing Daddy and I went back to the tumbleweed tree. I had some new things I wanted to try.

So: first time using all manual settings, first time using my new tripod, first time using very slow shutter speed (one second seemed to work best). And, using a tip I got in the photography course I’m taking, took all of them with a two-second timer to avoid blur from pushing the button.

(I created this post on my phone and the pics look small to me. Do they look small to you? I can go back and redo on a different device…)

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My photography journey 29Dec19

My last photography post of the year!

I haven’t used the Nikon this week — as you might relate, it’s been a busy week. Most of what we’ve been doing has been inside or outside at night, and it’s been more important to me to have decent photos than to practice with the flash and such, so photos this week are from the phone.

But Santa was good to me in the photography department! I got a tripod, an external flash, and a (giant) camera fanny pack.

Let me explain the fanny pack.

There are many many places around here to go hiking, and even more if we’re willing to drive an hour or so. Bringing a camera is a little dicey for a few reasons.

First, the bag the camera came in is a shoulder bag. The bag I bought to be able to carry the camera inside my backpack is a shoulder bag. Neither of these is good for my posture, and because I so rarely carry shoulder bags that aren’t crossover, I have trouble keeping them on my shoulder.

For walking and easy hiking, this is slightly annoying but I can work with it. But for harder hiking or scrambling, it’s no good at all. A camera-carrying backpack would solve this problem, but then we come to Issue Number Two.

In a few short months for a few long months, it’s going to be hot. Really hot. In summer, we don’t even go for a short hike (or walk or run or anything outside) without water.

I have a very nice Camelbak-type backpack that carries a few liters of water. But I’m not going to stash my camera next to a bag full of water.

I can’t wear a camera backpack and the Camelbak, and both are bulky enough that trying to wear one on front and one on back would be extremely uncomfortable at best (and also incredibly hot!).

And so The Climbing Daddy Santa found me a fanny pack. It’s big, as it will accommodate the body of the camera and several lenses and other accessories, but it straps on around my waist or hips, and it will work with the Camelbak. If I’m not wearing water, I can swing this thing around to the back for easier moving.

I haven’t gone out with it yet, but I am excited and hopeful that it’s exactly what I was looking for.

All that said, here are a few photos from this week.

First, our most recent addition to the Christmas decorations:



We started a tradition last year of our gifts being wrapped and dressed like snowmen. Here are this year’s:



The Kid got me an extra book, wrapped it in the same white paper, and made it to be carolers in front of the snowmen:



We had the stockings hanging from wall sconces, but that wasn’t going to work when they were full (we fill them with fruit), so climbing gear came in handy…


The Kid and his new Nintendo Switch (in dinosaur pajamas, of course!)


Finally, we took a short wander around downtown Chandler, where this was one of our stops. (I didn’t take this photo, obviously…) I’m hoping/planning to go back down there one evening with my tripod and see what I can do with settings to get some nice photos of the lights in the dark.


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My photography journey 15Dec19

The only photos I have taken since our trip to Sedona have been of The Kid, both at taekwondo-related events.

First, he had a tournament, then he had his first sparring class in gear.

Since I wasn’t participating in either (I feel no need to compete nor to get kicked!), I took the opportunities to get some photos but also to try to work some of the settings on the camera.

He’s in motion, so I need faster-than typical shutter speed.

But we’re also indoors, so light is an issue with the faster shutter speed.

Some of the photos came out OK. The ones I like the best are busy in the background, especially at the tournament where there were a lot of people. Someday, I’ll learn how to use a photo editor and I’ll take the background out, and then I’ll be artistically happy with those photos. (I’m happy to have photos of my boy participating in a tournament, regardless of their weight on my artistic scale.)

But I’m not going to share any of them with you today. Just — that’s where I am on my journey right now.

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My photography journey 8Dec19

The day after Thanksgiving, we woke up to snowfall. I haven’t been in snowfall in a really long time. And since we were in a hotel, had nothing to shovel, had food in walking distance and nowhere else to be, it was lovely.

View from our room, once the fog started to clear a little:

Sedona is always beautiful, but I’ve never seen it in snow. I really just couldn’t get enough of the view.

We went for a hike (on a nasty, muddy trail!) and came across a stream with several small waterfalls. It was delightful!