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My photography journey 28June20

The Climbing Daddy and The Kid were in the pool the other evening (read: every evening). As usual, I was cold and got out before they did.

“Are you able not to splash for 10 minutes if I bring out the Nikon?”

They complied.

Just trying to get the texture of the water with the underwater lights on.



And then a few of the lights on the porch, including this one and the lead image.



I’m getting better at shots in low light, but I have not gotten the hang of portraits if there’s not enough light. Getting better. Still not good.

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My photography journey 21June20

Not many photos this week. I did some good learning, though, and know how to change a few more settings on the camera (and why and when I would change them). I’m pleased to be remembering much of what I’m learning.

The course I joined back in the fall has turned out to be good. Going through it as I might in a real class (but with the ability to pause to take notes, or rewind, etc.), writing things down, trying them with the camera in hand when it’s possible, I’m soaking up quite a bit.

I took these shots just messing around and practicing with some settings.


The lead photo is of a baby lizard that lives in the yard. We believe it’s from an egg that was in a tree stump and is usually spotted on the block wall. It was on our screen door for several hours today. (All those photos are back lit and didn’t come out well.) Then when The Climbing Daddy and I were out in the yard talking about good things to come, we saw the lizard on the pool deck. Much better photo op! (That one’s with my phone. I don’t happen to have the other camera on me all the time.)

I love lizards!

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My photography journey 7June20

The Kid did a couple of weeks of art camp at Burst of Butterflies last summer and very much enjoyed it, so we signed up for a few more weeks this year.

With all that’s going on, they were able to create an online option (which I was wary of, to be honest); his first week was last week.

It was well-organized and ran fairly smoothly. He needed some help, but after the first day, my help was minimal. And he made some cool stuff. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend them!


But ask him if you can take his picture and you’re likely to get something like this:



Of course, there continue to be walks through the neighborhood and along the canal. I was pretty excited to see this guy and equally excited that he stuck around for a while and posed.


As usual, photos of the flowers and other things I passed by.


Often, we have amazing sunsets in this area, probably from all the dust. The evening I was out walking, what I was offered and was able to capture wasn’t too shabby.



Finally, my first attempt at long-exposure shots while playing with sparklers yielded decent results. Have work to do to do better, and the super hero was happy with the results of his last pose.


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My photography journey 24May20

Walks around the neighborhood.

The last couple of months have included so many walks, runs, bike rides around the neighborhood.

Some of the scenery is the same. As the season has changed (and continues to change), different plants are out and about, so there is some variety.

The canal has water critters in it, and I’ve seen many turtles. I decided to go with Sir Nikolas Cameron (the Nikon, recently named; Nikki for short) and see if I could get some good shots of turtles.

I went out twice. Not a single turtle to be seen. (No married turtles, either hahaha)

I did, of course, get some other shots along the way.

First, the birds.



Because I’ve been out on the canal path nearly every day, I have seen these guys since they were just fuzzy ducklings. Kind of fun to watch them grow up.



This one made me laugh.

This little guy was in a proper tree and I wasn’t fast enough to catch him. (This is a serious down side to using all manual settings. I had been shooting in full sun, so my settings were set for that, and he was in the shady side of a tree. So either I miss him entirely or I have shots that are way underexposed.)

He moved to this plant and I snapped quickly. (That’s actually a parking lot in the background.) And I ended up with a photo of a bird wearing a party hat. 🥳



And, of course, plants.


So many sunflowers! They’re really all over the place, which is delightful.



Palo verde trees have lovely small yellow flowers on them. Many homeowners don’t like them because of the mess, but if you don’t mind them decorating the ground, they’re beautiful trees.



This was shot into the sun, which isn’t necessarily the best angle. I love the sun through the flower petals, and I love the white outline to that whole plant.



This is one of those shots that I really like and can’t articulate why and most other people who look at it don’t look for long but I’m sure that someone sees it the way I do and will enjoy it, so here it is.



I took quite a few variations of this one and had the Climbing Daddy and The Kid choose which they liked better. They chose different ones, of course, and that narrowed it to two. I chose my favorite of the two … and I didn’t tell The Kid, because it’s not the one he picked.



I love bougainvillea against the sky. Added bonus for the white wall.



I’ve walked past this tree at least 100 times and not noticed its bark. I’m continuously amazed at how many things I miss.



This guy had the gorgeous pink flowers from a couple of weeks ago. Still interesting to look at, just for different reasons.



I love this entry.



I haven’t learned any editing software yet. (It’s on my summer to-do list.) A few shots that have come out poorly and are useless anyway, I’ve been messing with just in the photos app. Here are a couple of those. (Everything else in this post is either exactly as shot or cropped but not otherwise adjusted.)



This last one, the sun was hitting it just right to show rainbow. The editing was just to make it stronger, but it actually was there to start with.