23Jan22 photos: hiking

The weather here has been gorgeous and we’ve been taking advantage of it by hiking. The photos to follow are from four different expeditions.

photo of desert mountains with long shadows from sunset

One evening, moon rise was amazing. Large, pink moon with wispy clouds. The photo doesn’t come close to doing it justice.

photo of the moon rising over a mountain in a colorful pastel sky

This isn’t new, but every now and then I’m struck by the mountains here—sky islands. They just pop up out of nowhere. In the shot below, you can see the range in the background (along with the dirty air), Camelback Mountain to the left, and some other mountain closer to the foreground.

photo of part of metro Phoenix, taken from a mountaintop

There’s one little spot that Rocket Kid always climbs up when we pass it on this trail. And often, there’s some silliness involved.

shot from under of Rocket Kid pretending to step on the camera

A lovebird on top of a saguaro. I really wished I’d had my Nikon to be able to get a better shot of the bird. It was so pretty.

photo of a lovebird on top of a saguaro

Even living here for almost 20 years, the rock formations at Papago Park are so interesting to me. Completely different color, texture, and shape than everything else in the area.

photo of interesting rock formations

Rocket Kid and I did some scrambling.

photo of Rocket Kid climbing up some of the previously-pictured rock formations

Phoenix in the background, a golf course in the middle ground. I’m grateful that we have so many parks and preserves so that places like where the photo was taken from are still here.

photo of the rocks we were on in the foreground, golf course in the middle ground, Phoenix skyline in the background

Finally, I took a shot of the top of a cactus. Rocket Kid edited it.

photo of the top of a cactus with two buds, edited to be sort of electric-looking

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