Food happiness, inspired by veggies

Last week, I had quite a few small moments of food-induced happiness.

Trader Joe’s used to have a samosa burrito and then they didn’t carry it any more, and it’s back! I bought one and had it for lunch. Yum! Potatoes, peas, carrots, cauliflower with chutney and spices wrapped in a tortilla. It’s not health food (calorically dense and high in sodium), but it is a bit of vegetable happiness.

When I mentioned it to Rocket Kid, he said I should stock up and freeze them. Unlikely, but I will enjoy them occasionally while they’re here.

Climbing Daddy was out of town for a handful of days. During that time, potatoes needed to be used—many of them were already starting to sprout—so I made mashed potatoes. 

I love mashed potatoes. Nearly any type of potatoes, actually. I have been known to say, “I’m filled to the brim and I want to eat more potatoes!”

This particular batch of mashed potatoes had an extra something special about it. I didn’t have to share. The bowl was just as full when I returned to it as it was when I left it.

Truly, I don’t mind sharing, and there was something lovely about not needing to.

One night for dinner, I made fried rice. With a lack of time and/or energy lately, we’ve been using frozen veggies in lieu of fresh. Faster, easier, just as healthy. 

But there is something beautiful and satisfying about a pan full of fresh veggies. The colors are more vibrant, the textures are less homogenous, and the end result is much tastier.

I hadn’t realized how much I had missed fresh veggies until I had them all in the pot and was stirring them and they just made me smile. 

Food happiness, inspired by veggies. 

(And I didn’t take pictures of any of them! Can you believe it?!)

Do you have veggie dishes that make you happy?

2 thoughts on “Food happiness, inspired by veggies”

  1. After spending Monday morning shopping, I spent much of Monday afternoon cooking, mostly vegetables. I baked 4 sweet potatoes and 8 beets. Roasted two pounds of brussel sprouts with a swirl of balsamic vinegar and oil. Diced and roasted 4 eggplants. Made 8 pounds worth of crispy tofu in the oven. Made a huge pot of lentils and rice. Made two heads worth of Indian spiced cabbage with peas.

    This bounty makes me so happy! Over the next couple weeks, these home-prepared foods will be combined with each other and other foods to make almost all of my meals.

    Today, for example, I added some of the eggplant to the leftover baked pasta I already had in the fridge and heated that up for lunch. For dinner, I had some of the sprouts and a bowl of previously made butternut squash soup.


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