27Feb22 photos: Salt River, no horses

We went looking for the wild horses at the Salt River. I’d gotten a tip for where and what time of day they’re likely to be seen, so Climbing Daddy, Rocket Kid, and I took a road trip.

As you might have gathered from the headline, we didn’t see any horses. But it did give us the chance to explore a little bit of the Salt River where I’d not been before.

First, having the opportunity to shoot things in reflections was delightful. Most of what and where I shoot, there’s not water.

“Mom! My shoes are covered in mud!” Shocking…

photo of Rocket Kid's feet walking over stones in water. The stones are not out of the water enough to keep his feet dry.

The sun was low. Some things were too shadowed to take good shots, but others were simply lovely.

I love this one in black and white

black and white photo with the river in the center, bushes and trees to the right, a rock face to the left, and mountains in the background

Rocket Kid was captivated by things large and small.

Possible swamp monster?

The plants in a little overgrown spot made interesting designs against the sky.

It’s a beautiful time of year to be photographing anything outdoors!

Have a great week!

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