6Feb22 photos: Papago Park

It’s a hiking-heavy time of year. The weather is nice. Take advantage while it’s here!

Saw a falcon, maybe?

photo of a bird thought to be a falcon sitting atop a rock formation

The air was not the best, but the Superstitions are always nice to look at.

photo of the Superstition Mountains in the distance; with dirty air

The sun and the rocks and the airport made for an interesting shot.

photo of a vertical rock in the foreground on the left side of the frame, bright sun whiting out the upper right of the frame, and the air traffic control tower for the airport in between

And I love the look of the plants against the red rock.

photo of a silhouette of a mostly leafless tree against a blurry, fiery background

The lead image—the one above the title—is my favorite of this lot. Which is yours?

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