27Mar22 photos: South Mountain

We’ve been branching out and trying more trails at South Mountain. That plus the desert blooming leads to lots of desert photos. But it’s plopped right in the middle of metro Phoenix, so anywhere with elevation has a juxtaposition of nature and city.

These cactus are some of the least friendly-looking, but this time of year, they put out beautiful flowers. So much tan and brown and maybe a little green, though the spines on these conceal most of the green, and then POP! Purpley pink.

Some of the bushes and trees are blooming as well.

Unless this is your first visit here, you might be worried that I hadn’t taken any photos of dead cactus. Never fear!

I love how the sun makes the cholla spines glow.

Not a bad view from the trailhead

Sometimes, there’s a boy on the trail as well. And sometimes, he’s amenable to being photographed.

Have a great week! Back next Sunday with more!

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