Sometimes you have to trim off healthy branches

Sometimes, when a baby tree grows a lot of branches all over and you want to guide its shape, you have to cut off some perfectly healthy ones to yield better results down the road.

Right now, this blog is a healthy branch of my tree of projects.

As it turns out, time is finite. Limited.

There isn’t enough time or energy to do All The Things. Or even just all the things I want to do which is, arguably, an insignificant portion of all the possible options.

Working together with a coach to build some of my projects into viable streams of income, I’m putting the blog on pause.

I was doing too many things. I love all the things I’ve been doing—that’s why I did them.

My blog document—the space offline where I do all the writing that you read here—has tons of partially-written drafts or ideas for posts. Siblings, creativity, the humanity of people, unskilled workers, boundaries, capitalism, double-sided assuming, teachers, brain damage, resilience, kids and technology. The list goes on. I’m nowhere close to out of words.

But writing here takes time and energy, and I need both of those fuel sources for other projects right now.

The only place to receive new content from me on a regular-though-sparse basis is via the mailing list. That goes out once a week through the end of the year, then once a month. Sign up for that here.

I’m still working on publishing my book. If you’d like to follow along on that journey, sign up here.

Photos by Heat is still up and running. If you or someone you know are in metro Phoenix and might need a portrait photographer, you can get occasional messages about that at the bottom of this page.

I love writing and interacting with you here and hope and plan to be back before the anniversary of this post. Also, I have no idea what this path looks like, so no promises.

Except that I’m working. And whatever I’m working on is fabulous.

Take care of yourself. 

Talk soon,


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