My photography journey 16May21

I had the opportunity to take senior photos of a completely lovely woman. Her mom and I connected via NextDoor (it’s not all people being unreasonable and judge-y) and we took advantage of some natural beauty at the Riparian Preserve. Photos here shared with permission. She was very excited about the birds, and I was … Read more

Nuance and people’s lack of clear communication

“People from the northeast are so rude/straightforward/abrupt.” Or so I’ve heard. My experience is more that if you ask a stranger for directions in those places, they’re going to give you directions and move on. No small talk about the day or why you’re going there or the weather or where you’re from. But I’m … Read more

Tea review: Daily Calm

Daily Calm hot

They call Daily Calm a “soothing, relaxing herbal tea.” And it is. Type of tea: Herbal Caffeinated? No How did I drink it? Hot and iced Daily Calm is an herbal blend, flavorful but not overpowering. I can pick out the chamomile in it, but that’s a familiar flavor to me. I much prefer this … Read more

My photography journey 2May21

This week didn’t lend itself well to taking many photos, so photography was jammed in this weekend. Rocket Kid, the Nikon, and I took a short hike at South Mountain (the largest municipal park in the country). I had two main struggles with photos at South Mountain this time: 1- The plant life wasn’t amazing. … Read more