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Welcome to HRK Photos by me, Heat. 

Rocket Kid (9 years old) and I go out and take photos in the same location, then compare shots.

I share via email the photos, bits of conversation, and general thoughts about how it went.

The bulk of the content will be sent via email. Additional photos will be accessible through a password-protected link, shared with you in the email. We will ship once per month, but I expect that occasionally, we’ll go out more than once, and you’ll get a bonus episode.

As a subscriber, you can comment and are welcome to make suggestions for future locations.

As for equipment, I have a Nikon D3500 with kit lenses, a set of macro extension tubes, and a tripod. Rocket Kid uses my iPhone and can use the Nikon if he asks, at which point I take pictures of him with the phone. I do help him with settings on the Nikon but not with what to shoot.

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April 2021: a front yard

A friend has a beautiful front yard, brimming with wildflowers. Rocket Kid and I went over to capture some of the beauty.

In an effort both to respect my friend and to avoid her husband calling the police on trespassers (which, to be fair, I don’t know if he would), I texted her and asked if Rocket Kid and I could come over and take pictures in her front yard.


We arrived just after 9 a.m. on a sunny spring morning, a slight breeze which was nice for generally existing but made some of our shooting more difficult. 

As we parked in front of the house, his ideas began immediately. “Mom! I’m going to take a picture of the mortar under the mailbox!” The mailbox is on a small wall. 

I started with the Nikon; Rocket Kid started with my phone. After wandering the yard separately for a short time, he announced that he was up to five shots that he wanted to use the extender rings for (technically extension tubes). So I finished up what I was doing and set up the Nikon for him.

The morning was sunny and the camera settings were appropriate for that, but several shots he wanted were in the shade. I helped him with settings for those (and then changing the settings back when he returned to the sun).

There were a few flowers (or flower types) that we both took pictures of. Here’s one:

He took a turn towards texture.

While he did take a shot of the mortar under the mailbox, he wasn’t happy with how it turned out.

He wanted a shot of one of the pieces of gravel, since they had interesting texture. “Mom, I will hold it and you take a picture.” I suggested we switch that, which he was good with, then further suggested he put it on a half wall nearby. 

“This wall is more stable that your hand.” For something like macro, it absolutely is.

He was excited that it looked like an asteroid. 

While taking a couple of shots of the rock, he discovered that the wall itself also had interesting texture and took a shot of that.

I was more interested in the texture of the plants.

I love the way sun behind them makes them glow, though it’s sometimes difficult to find the balance between enough and too much light. The photo above of the red flowers has this effect.

In addition to having the opportunity to take some great photos, Rocket Kid got to talk to my friend about the plants and came home with some seeds. Maybe next year, we’ll have some wildflowers!

This would be the end of the email. I would include here a link to go to a members-only page where you could see other photos we took, including a close-up of tree bark and two other flowers that we both took shots of. I’m doing that so that the e-mails are not completely enormous. For this initial installment, what follows is what you would find after you click through.

Tree bark


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