Dale writes and helps others write

September 28, 2022

Season 2

Episode 12

Episode Summary

Dale Slongwhite is a writer and facilitates writing workshops, dispelling the myth of "I'm not a good writer."

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Show Notes

  • 0:56 How did you get started in writing?
  • 5:35 Dale’s first novel
  • 9:45 A fateful ferry ride…
  • 15:16 A layoff and a call from a friend set the next move
  • 21:03 I love that you just jumped in
  • 28:22 “The one I knew I jumped into…”
  • 33:13 Did you do your retreats during COVID?
  • 35:40 People would rather be told what they’re doing right
  • 40:10 In doing the same types of facilitating, how do you keep it fresh for yourself?
  • 42:02 What’s your biggest frustration?
  • 42:53 How do you decide what you’re going to charge?
  • 45:32 Is there anything you wish people understood better about your work or what you do?
  • 46:36 Where can people find your work?


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