Everything is getting scarier

The Kid doesn’t like movies with scary parts. He’s a sensitive kid and scary things linger. (I relate to that.) We can occasionally do movies in the park, maybe because the sound is less intense, but even those are a crap shoot.

So we don’t watch many movies.

Now, I’m not a movie person, but the last G-rated movie I’m aware of was the Peanuts Movie a few years ago. We went to see it, and he was happy.

What happened to just nice, fun, sweet movies for kids?

Maybe I’m just more aware of this now than I have been, but it seems like Halloween is getting scarier, too. Stuff that used to be reserved for slasher movies and maybe haunted houses is out on people’s lawns. Halloween was fun and had an element of spooky to it, but not so much gruesome. Or at least, that’s my recollection of it.

We need more nice things. Clean things. Funny things (not at the expense of marginalized people). Beautiful things.

Scary things have their place, no doubt, but … can we leave space for nice, too?

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