Popular in March

This is endlessly interesting to me. (To you, I don’t know.)

The differences between what I like the best and put out there and what y’all like the best of what I’ve put out there.

There’s also a divide lately between WordPress followers and “everyone else” (who is mainly made up of Facebook followers) between what gets the most reaction.

I’m still small time (which is fine) which means “most reaction” is still small (which is fine).


The posts in March with the most views (according to WordPress stats) were:

How do you know when to give up? a personal story

Poor people are still people

Better than kind words at a funeral

Somewhere in the midst of March, Facebook stopped showing my blog posts to many people on Facebook. (I guess I should be glad I made it that long.) So I’ve started sharing them more often as text in the post with a link in the comment. The statistical problem with this is that WordPress doesn’t count those likes. So I’m going just on WordPress likes at this point.

The posts in March with the most WordPress likes were:

Update: accountability to self

I don’t know what happens to healthy people

Thoughts on reducing plastics

And these posts worked together as pairs, so if you caught one but not the other, there was a little something missing.

Addiction and Podcast re: addiction

Cancer prevention and If it’s carcinogenic, why is it for sale?

Making a contribution and See yourself through someone else’s eyes




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