My photography journey 14Mar21

Last spring, we planted tomatoes. They yielded no tomatoes but they grew and grew. I knew from years past that if we could keep them alive through the summer, they’d produce in the winter.

They grew and grew … and didn’t produce in the winter. But now, a full year after planting them, we are getting tons of tomatoes!

I love how these look with the sun behind them. The flowers are tomatoes-to-be.

We have peas, too. I tried to take photos of the curlicues, and none of them were awesome. This is the best of the lot:

We have many small cactuses in the yard and I took many pictures of them. Most didn’t turn out well (do you see a theme?) but this one’s not bad.

Some days you go and get great shots; some day you don’t. It’s all part of the journey.