My photography journey 21Mar21

The Climbing Daddy was in the kitchen and yelled, “Come here and bring your camera! Or your phone! Bring both!”

I grabbed both and hurried in, and on the back wall—because we have walls here in lieu of fences—was a hawk.

He took some shots with my phone and I took them with the Nikon, hoping they’d turn out—as I was shooting through the window. (I knew that if I opened the sliding glass door, the bird would fly away.)

I didn’t notice it when I was shooting, but you can see its meal. I saw it when he took off from the wall.

Fortunately, this hawk appears to be too small to prey on our small but not that small dogs. There are others I’ve seen that would make me more nervous.

In other parts of the yard, the aloe out front are blooming and are lovely.

I rearranged some furniture in the house and have a mini-office in the corner of the living room now. I bought myself some flowers for the space. They’re a lovely purple which looks fabulous against the bright green wall.

Same flowers up close. The shots were taken on different days. It’s interesting how much difference there is in the color, based on the light. The pictures below are more true to what they look like, though if they were more purple and less magenta, that’d be fine by me, too!

I put the vase on a wool ball trivet, an impulse purchase a long time ago from Trader Joe’s. So while I was getting shots of the flowers, I captured the wool balls, too…

That’s all for today! Have a great week!