My photography journey 28Mar21

Just wandering around a park, looking for interesting details. It’s the season for most local plants to be flowering, so the question is: can I get a good shot? One that’s interesting, well lit, in focus?

Besides flowers, one plant had one little area with a cluster of pods. Most of them were deep enough into the plant as to be shaded, and those shots didn’t come out great, but I got one that I’m happy with.

It was a little breezy, making these pics a little tricky. Fortunately, it was nice and sunny, which meant I could use a faster shutter, making fewer shots turn out blurry.

A few pinecones were on the ground, so I played around with those a bit, too.

The lead photo is from a different location but still local. Could have been growing in the park.

It’s a beautiful time of year!

That’s all! Have a great week!