My photography journey 4Apr21

The neighbor’s cactus bloomed!

This cactus gave me some stunning shots last year—including one I used on one of my most popular cards—and this year, it was even better.

Here it is from a slight distance, just so you can see it whole. This is also my perspective from the sidewalk.

Fortunately, while I was there, the owner came out (in a robe and slippers to take phone photos of the same cactus) and gave me permission to walk in their yard to get shots from other angles.

I love the cactus blooms. Maybe because they’re so lovely on plants that are otherwise interesting but not hospitable.

Maybe because they bloom for such a short period of time. These, for example, were only open for two days. The third day, they were partially closed, and the fourth day, they were completely closed.

Regardless, I’m excited about them and am looking forward to other cactus showing off in the coming weeks.