My photography journey 8Mar20

Well … I didn’t make time for photography this week. (I won’t bore you with all the things that happened instead. Leave it at: onslaught of work- and child-related obligations.)

But I did learn a few things about landscape photography, including a trick for sunset shots, and I have opportunity to experiment and learn this week, so I will have some shots for you next week. Looking to do some hands-on learning with some long exposures as well. Fingers crossed that I will have at least one or two that I’m happy with, but I’ll share either way. (The journey is not only about success!)

Regardless, my eye has definitely been changing, not only for potential shots and shots I’ve just taken, but also on looking at photos. There’s one I can think of immediately of The Climbing Daddy and I. We’re dressed up; it’s a lovely shot.

Except it’s the middle of the afternoon and we’re in the sun and one side is overexposed. Was it just not great lighting and that’s as good as that shot was going to get? Or did the photographer not know how to adjust her settings to accommodate the harsh lighting?

Either way, I notice it now, and a year ago when the shot was taken, I didn’t.

Have a great week!

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