My wintertime best friend

Tis the season for the creeping crud.

I mentioned the other day that it was creeping around here.

Thus, my wintertime best friend made its seasonal debut: the Neti pot.

It’s a fairly common device, so there’s a decent chance that even if you have never used one, you’re familiar with it.

Basically, it’s a teapot for your nose. You use warm salt water to irrigate your sinuses and flush out the garbage.

My understanding is that it’s not a good idea to do this on an ongoing daily basis, but with proper salinity, using this little guy as needed is beneficial.

It’s one of my go-to things when I start to feel run down. (Extra sleep is another.)

It helps.

When I’m already sick, it helps clear out my nose, at least for a little while, so I can breathe well.

The plastic ones at the pharmacy are pretty inexpensive. Read and follow the directions on the box.

Do you already have one of these in your bag of tricks?

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