Podcast quote: better is really good

Much like the book quotes, sometimes, there’s something from a podcast that makes me stop what I’m doing, rewind, and write it down.

This one is from The Wilderness, Chapter 15. Beginning almost half an hour in, he’s talking with Barack Obama. Obama says this:

“To some degree, this goes back to something you often heard me say in the White House. And it’s something I tell my children, and it’s something I tell myself. Which is: better is really good. It sounds really simple, but so much of how we think about this stuff is around utopia, it’s around perfection, it’s around, ‘no, no we want this exactly the way we want it.’ And that is self-defeating.”

He’s talking about politics, but I can think of a bajillion other facets of life this applies to. It’s a great mindset shift.

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