19Sept21 photos: the garden … and a SNP gallery

While we did take another trip to Saguaro National Park, the chance of rain was high so I didn’t take the good camera on our hike. The places we drove through are places I’ve shot and shared already, and I didn’t see any shots that I had wanted and missed in those places. I do have some cell phone shots, and I’ll leave you with a gallery of those at the end.

The garden in the back yard is exploding with vines. We dumped seeds from some squash and cucumber out there and added water and … there’s a lot going on. Shots that take in the whole space aren’t actually that interesting from an artistic perspective, so I stuck to macro.

I believe this is from a cucumber plant. Will confirm when there are cucumbers.

The flowers on butternut squash are fairly large—several inches front to back.

The gomphrena—not an fruiting plant—was doing really well. In the time that’s passed since these were taken, it’s not looking as good, but I’m hopeful that it will be fine!

I love the curlicues on the vining plants.

Rusty things always have interesting color and texture.

That’s all from the garden. Enjoy a gallery of iPhone photos from our hike last week.

I am picking up some fun editing skills and am hoping to have photos to show you next week from that. Depends how the week goes, though. Those are more time-intensive and time is not always on my side.

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