21Nov21 photos: a hummingbird!

I’ve had the Nikon for about two-and-a-half years. It’s been almost as long that I’ve hoped to get decent shots of a hummingbird. And finally, I did!

But of course, at first, it had disappeared, so I took some shots of the tree. It’s a really lovely tree, with mildly fragrant flowers.

When the hummingbird returned, it was just hanging out at the top of the tree on a branch.

hummingbird sitting on a tree branch

Then it wanted the good stuff.

I saved the best photo (by far!) from this set for the folks who have joined me for 100 Days of Art. If you’re interested in that shot (and 99 more to come), you can join here. I’ll resend today’s email tomorrow to anyone who joins.

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