5Dec21 photos: more from Sedona, AZ

Especially when the purpose of the outing is for a hike where the participants will tolerate the camera tagging along, lighting isn’t necessarily the best for photography. The photos today were Photoshopped to make them look the way that we saw them, compensating for limitations in the camera.

This photo is one of my favorites from the trip, but in the original, the sky was almost white, because the sun was just barely out of the shot. Too much light for a good-looking sky and good-looking foreground. So I fixed the sky to make the photo true to real life.

And in this one, the sun reflected harshly off the white flower, leaving it washed out. Compensating for that, everything else was too dark. So I shot one of each and combined them.

There was a third, but I wasn’t able to make that one happen. No worries! Skills still improving!

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