5Sept21 photos: Saguaro National Park—again!

Continuing to take advantage of the current weirdness, we took a day trip back to the same trail in Saguaro National Park. The primary goal? To see if the tadpoles had grown up. In hopes of getting a good shot of a toad, I took the Nikon.

The tadpoles and toads did not disappoint.

Red-spotted toad

We saw dozens of red-spotted toads, the largest a bit bigger than a golf ball, the smallest about the size of a chickpea.

That was exciting. Even more exciting? Seeing some baby toads still with tails (which I didn’t get a good shot of) or tadpoles with legs.

Find @heatweirdlastname on Instagram to see a video of these guys

Last week when we were there, butterflies were all over. Hard to believe, but there were even more this time!

We went earlier in the day and the overall temps were lower, so we were able to do the entire loop trail, about 1.8 miles, whereas last time, we went a small portion of the trail then turned around.

The water wasn’t running in all the places we saw it before, but still plenty of running water.

Of course, more cactus skeletons! The one on the left is particularly interesting.

The dead trees and branches are almost as lovely to look at as the cactus skeletons.

And it is Saguaro National Park. Photos don’t really well capture just how many saguaros there are.

Most have two or three arms. Sometimes none. Every now and then…

Sometimes, black and white does a scene well.

Amazing views everywhere we looked

No plans to go this Friday, but that could change…

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