I have a love-hate relationship with birthdays.

Not because of the aging part. I’m not worried about that much most days.

I like to get positive attention. I can show you the roots for that—I know where it comes from—but that doesn’t change that it is true.

I’ve accomplished quite a bit professionally, which has helped to feed that demon (if it’s appropriate to label it as such).

My personal life has off and on been a disaster. We don’t need to get into that here and now, but it is both true and relevant.

So birthdays are a good time to get a little extra attention without having to do work. (One could argue that living through another year is ample work, but I’m inclined to do that regardless…)

But I’m middle aged. And I’m still an introvert. So there’s typically not a lot of fanfare.

And because I’m an adult, I don’t feel like the lack of a parade should be an issue.

But in real life … well … I’d like it.

And so I love-hate birthdays.

Last year, The Climbing Daddy threw me a surprise party. It was amazing. (Added bonus of a few gifts that each uniquely said, “I know you.” The joy was not in the thing itself but in the connection that the thing made.)

This year, just a couple of us got together and played games, and it was excellent. And a dinner here or there. And a lot of toe socks, which was excellent!

But in all of this, I wonder… For those of you who love to be celebrated, can you articulate why? For those who like to be acknowledged but not necessarily a big deal, why? For those who would prefer the day to pass without anyone noticing—why? I’m super-curious, but I can’t get a grant to do a study, so I’ll have to just rely on the replies from blog readers. No matter where you are on the birthday celebration spectrum, I’m interested in your experience.


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  1. Birthdays. The day we drew our first breath. A personal milestone, yes. But I don’t feel the need to receive gifts or attention about it from others for this reason. I go along with “Birthdays” for other folks. I am not, despite opinions to contrary, a total grinch.


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