Creating our own identity

I make notes in my phone when I hear something that I want to remember: a quote, a book recommendation, a podcast recommendation, and so on.

Going back through my notes? Not always timely.

I found this one from May:

We have the freedom and the burden to make our own identity

It was from a podcast. I don’t know which one.*

But as anyone who has lamented not being a kid knows, freedom can be burdensome.

In some families/communities/countries, people in the system have a very defined role. They don’t get to choose or figure out who they are.

But they also don’t have to.

Not something I’ve thought about in this way. Fun to mess with my brain.


*I’ve started noting which podcast, which episode, and sometimes the time stamp in my notes. I used to believe the note was just until I got home, but I’ve wisened up…

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