Happy 107th birthday, Arizona!

On this day in 1912, Arizona became a state.

Here are some fun facts about the Grand Canyon State:

It is the 48th state, followed only by Hawaii and Alaska.

It is also called the Copper State, leading the nation in copper production.

The southernmost border was drawn that way to intentionally prevent a seaport. Railroad only!

There is a state fossil (petrified wood). Do all states have a state fossil??

Arizona is one of the Four Corners.

Except for the Navajo Nation, Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time. We have enough sun in the summer, thankyouverymuch!

Interesting town names include Tombstone, Gillette, Gunsight, Tuba City, Why, Nothing, Strawberry, Snowflake, Miami, Carefree, and Tortilla Flat.

I don’t know where most of those are, but “middle of nowhere” is most likely. There’s a lot of “nowhere” out here.

Hopefully, it stays that way…

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